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Hallberg's Grinding Service in Sweden is a distributor of brand UT.Ma, manufacturer of CNC grinders and blade sharpening tools.
ilmetech sharpens steel magnet table and Jig Solutions.
Businaro grinding machines for HSS circular blades and knives.

When we are in Swedex Partners Group, we have access to approximately 80 000 blades in storage and a large knowledge base.

Comprehensive sales of:
Tools for woodworking
Grab Steel and reducerstål
Service and sales of tipped blades up to 1200mm

Hallberg's Grinding Service has been prompt service and reliable deliveries to their own turbil based on Hallsberg.

Some of the customers we serve today:
Boo Forssjö AB, Hjortkvarn
Stora Enso, Grums
Moelven, and Karlskoga Karlstad
Hallsbergs slipservice på Svenska
Tel: +46 582 13160